Activity: Idea Journal

People around the world use journals to keep track of their ideas.
Entrepreneurs do too! Throughout the Entrepreneurial Process, an idea journal is a place for you to draw, doodle, or write your ideas.

The Idea Journal will:

  • Help you see the steps of thinking and acting like an entrepreneur
  • Guide your thinking
  • Be a place to freely express yourself

Watch the video to learn more:

Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurs write and draw their thoughts and ideas.
  • The Idea Journal shows the process of creative thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurship.

Your Turn

  1. Grab an unused notebook or make your own!
  2. Customize your Journal.
    • Doodle, color, decorate, and design!
  3. When done, share your notebook with someone.
    • A parent, friend, sibling . . .
    • Explain to them what the Idea Journal will be used for

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