Welcome to VentureLab’s High School Entrepreneurship 101 E-Course! No matter where you are in the entrepreneurial process, this course will push you to think, create, and achieve. You will learn effective skills, tricks, and strategies that business owners utilize in creating successful companies!

What you can expect from this course:

  • You will work through 9 main sections. Within these sections, carefully designed activities take you through the Design Thinking process, reinforcing entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets.
  • Each section builds on the previous, requiring you to slowly gain competency as an entrepreneur.
  • At the end of each section, you will reflect and assess by demonstrating or writing about your learning, and by answering quiz questions.
  • Within each activity, you will first learn by reading or watching a video. After learning, it’s Your Turn to put it into practice! Each Your Turn part has you take action. You will be asked to speak to others, gather feedback, and share ideas. You will be asked to get outside of the four walls that surround you and identify problems to solve.

What you will gain from completing this course:

  • After completing each activity in this E-Course, you will have:
    • Observed a problem in your location you would like to solve,
    • Defined a solution to the problem through research and analysis,
    • Created a prototype, then tested and iterated the prototype based on feedback,
    • Created a business model
    • Created and delivered a pitch for your idea!

In order to succeed in this course and gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, read all the information, watch all the videos, and complete all the activities.

Course Requirements

  • You will be utilizing an Idea Journal throughout this E-Course. This journal serves as a space to freely write, draw, jot down ideas, and design the next world-changing invention.
  • Have an open mind. There could be activities that push you out of your comfort zone... good! Truly meaningful accomplishments are achieved through struggle and persistence. Even if you are unsure of how you will perform, complete each activity to its fullest.




  1. the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
    "the new business opportunities have encouraged entrepreneurship on a grand scale"

Definition from Oxford Languages

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