Goals and Levels of Assessment

Each section starts with the goals and levels of assessment. Review each carefully and by the end of the section, you should be able to demonstrate your learning through the levels. Your goal is to reach level 3!


  1. You will understand that imagination and play can be used as a catalyst for new ideas and innovation.
  2. You will look at things from a new perspective.
  3. You will be innovative and create new ideas.

Levels of Assessment

  • LEVEL 1: Explain how understanding your interests, passions and strengths help you identify opportunities to solve problems.
  • LEVEL 2: You created something with your imagination. Describe what you created: what it is and what it does.
  • LEVEL 3: Pretend a friend is arguing against keeping an Idea Journal. Create a logical argument, describing why an Idea Journal is beneficial to the entrepreneurial process.

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