Identify Opportunities

Key Takeaways

  1. You must have a passion for what you’re doing. This passion for your idea will allow you to persevere through failure and challenges.
  2. Start with what you know. Your knowledge and ability about different things is valuable and can be an opportunity to solve problems for others and create a business.


Kim Explains How To Identify Opportunities Based On Your Interests And Strengths

Your Turn: Identify Opportunities

  1. Recreate the following chart in your Idea Journal. Do not include the examples. They are just there to help.
  2. Look back at your interest inventory responses and fill out your strengths, passions, skills and interests on the chart.
  3. How could these strengths, passions, skills and interests be monetized? Brainstorm business ideas for each one of them in the opportunities section.
I really like to:
  • Play video games and braid my friend’s hair

  • Drink kombucha

  • Read about the history and future of space travel
  • Start a YouTube channel that instructs others how to play a specific game, hair braiding service, or create braiding how-to tutorials

  • Make and sell kombucha, sell kombucha starter kits

  • Start a blog and social media account for youth about space
I know how to…
  • Name every NBA team, every player, and their statistics

  • Write lyrics for songs and poems

  • Play chess
  • Launch a youth sports podcast or radio show

  • Host community SLAM poetry events

  • Start a chess organization to teach others how to play

Reflect in your Idea Journal

  1. From your list, what’s the best idea that can be turned into a business?
  2. Why does owning this kind of business excite you?

Remember, this course will give you the tools to turn your idea into reality!


A quick check-in to make sure you understand the concepts and completed the activities before moving on. Check off each one as it applies. Concepts and activities build on each other, so if you do not feel like you can check each one, go back and complete the activities.

Read, watched, and reviewed all content

Identified and wrote one or more opportunities in each box

Answered both reflection questions in my Idea Journal

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